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Curriculum Vitae - John Unruh, D.C.

  • Graduated Arkansas City High School in 1979
  • Attended Cowley County Junior College from 1979-1981
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree:
    - Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, MO - 1985
  • Kingman, KS Chiropractic Clinic 1986 - 1992
    - Established and built a successful chiropractic office.
    - Member of the Kansas Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractic Association.
    - Sold the chiropractic office to re-locate to Rogers, AR.
  • Our Mission: "Taking a leading role in making our community the happiest,healthiest, safest and most productive place to live."‚Äč
  • Unruh Chiropractic and Wellness Center opened 1992 - Present 
  • Current Memberships:
    - Arkansas Chiropractic Association
    - International Chiropractic Association
  • Continuing Education:
    - Annually accumulates over 100 hours in areas including sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, personal injuries, preventive health measures and the subject of philosophy of Chiropractic.

Interview with Doctor John Unruh, D.C.

1.       How many years of experience do you have in the Chiropractic field?

29 Years of active practice.

2.       Have you always practiced in Rogers, AR?

No, prior to relocating to Rogers, AR I practiced in Kingman, KS for 7 years.

3.       What prompted you to enter the chiropractic field?

A good friend whom I respected was a chiropractor and suggested my best friend and I go to chiropractic school.

4.       What interested you most during your training program?

How the body is controlled by the nerve system, and when that system is working properly the body can function in harmony and optimal health is available.

5.       Are you certified by any overseeing body in the Chiropractic field?

Yes – the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

6.       What type of education does it take to acquire your credentials?

Two years of pre-requisite studies in chiropractic.

Five years in Chiropractic College to receive a doctorate.

7.       How do you keep up with the latest developments in Chiropractic care?

Continuing education is thru accredited schools and school sponsored programs, state associations and much reading.

8.       Today, what do you enjoy most about the field of Chiropractic?

The interaction with patients and the opportunity to see so many lives changed for the better - there’s nothing like it! It’s my passion to help people get well!

9.       What challenges (road bumps) have you encountered to provide the care you now successfully deliver?

The public’s idea that insurance is their ticket to care. Insurance was not meant to keep people well. It was designed for emergency situations. We have lost sight of the proper role of insurance. We as a profession must raise the awareness and perceived value of chiropractic to the public.

10.   What do you want prospective patients to know about you and your practice? What is your philosophy of care?

The body is self-healing and is regulated by the nerve system. As long as your nerve system is functioning 100% you have the potential for optimum health. It’s all about a healthy nerve system and how you eat, move and think.

11.   Who would provide care to your patients in your absence?

Dr. Steve South, another chiropractor in my office – I surround myself with the best.

12.   What would you say to patients with special needs? Are you comfortable treating them?

Yes. All people have a spine and nerve system. All people need regular spinal care. Everyone is invited and welcomed.

13.   Why should a person with chiropractic needs choose Unruh Chiropractic & Wellness Center?

Bottom line is the patient and their health is our #1 concern. A patient may not be ready to hear the truth on how to get well and stay well but I will give them the straight facts. HONESTY & RESULTS!

14.   Tell me about a recent success story or two:

I’ll let some of my patients speak about their own pain and how I’ve helped them:

Karen said, “Prior to my visit with Dr. Unruh I was only able to walk 30 feet due to severe back pain. I lost the ability to exercise, play with my children and perform basic daily functions. I was told surgery was my only option. In less than 90 days under Dr. Unruh’s care my life has returned to normal!”

Rose said, “I’m 78 years old. During my lifetime I’ve seen numerous chiropractors. Here in AR I’ve seen one this past year but treatment didn’t help. If only I could be free of pain. I’ve had pain in my lower spine and across to my right hip and pain down that leg. I quit walking 6 months ago; prior to that I walked daily. I was walking with a limp. And my posture had been bad – more stooped over.

I’m so grateful to a friend who recommended Unruh Chiropractic & Wellness Center. I’ve NEVER ever before had adjustments and treatments like I’ve been experiencing from Dr. Unruh. It’s amazing the many things he will do depending on your situation. He will listen to you. He cares about each person.

I began to notice less pain and I can actually sleep on that right hip. Yeah! And I’ve started walking again.

I believe God’s hand of blessing is upon this friendly place and caring staff. It’s a wonderful atmosphere! I’m so thankful for this help I’m receiving!”

Gerald said, “I came to Dr. Unruh’s practice because I was told he had the new Spinal Decompression machine, the DRX9000. I had already tried all the other solutions except surgery to alleviate the tremendous amount of pain I was suffering from following a catastrophic fall.

I was very impressed with the thorough examination and consultation even before being accepted as a patient. At the point that I was deemed a good candidate for the procedure Dr. Unruh spent a great deal of time explaining the procedure and ramifications and normal expectations.

At this point I have had three treatments on the machine and two spinal adjustments. I am very pleased to say that I have already achieved benefits.

Prior to the start of treatment I could not lie on my back without a great deal of pain and in addition I could not roll over in bed with the aid of my legs as the pain was tremendous. Therefore I had to use mostly my shoulders to turn over. This has caused more pain in my shoulders due to the added strain on those muscles and joints.

I am pleased to tell you that even at this early time I can now lay and even sleep on my back again. In addition I can now lift my body with my legs to roll over and the pain in both my back and shoulders has subsided a noticeable amount. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm for more treatments so I can resume my normal activities.

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